Friday, May 06, 2005

Obviously I'm not always up at 6am, but I found myself half watching the election results all night.

So Labour have an historic third term. Let's hope Tony's got enough of a shock to listen to the electorate; yes to new green strategies; yes to pensions reform and filling the savings gap; no to council tax reform; no to more stupid piblic sector bean-counting style jobs. And no to war: apologise for all those lives you lost for some kind of oil-related jingostic presidential kick.

A president you're not. On the way home last night I saw a sticker that at first glace said Blair, but on closer inspection said BLIAR. Let's hope Tony learns some humility and honesty, stops sweating guiltily, and does something to earn my trust back. Let's hope "govern responsibly" isn't more spin. 'Cos frankly, Tony, I can see right through you.

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