Friday, May 06, 2005

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Showing my age, clearly, but today, we're going through the ARCHED window.

One of those days: late night/early morning with the election. That, coupled with the most evil PMT is conspiring to put me in a head-down/hide-in-the-corner mood.

I guess one of the good things about being self-employed is that when you have a bad hair day/just a bad day, you can "take a day off".

I've got loads to do (three new clients in as many weeks, so can't complain), and I've churned through some stuff this morning after my 8am start, and had an OKish week, work-wise, so maybe I'll just: you know.

Do people still read this? I had a lot of stats-spam this week, and it was kinda hard to tell who was real and who was some kinda bot.

I feel delicate.

Humour me.

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