Thursday, May 12, 2005

Someone googled on "tall Jewish men" and found this post in my archives.

Man, that feels like such a long time ago. Obviously I've not heard from H for aeons, or even had him cross my mind. Last I heard he'd sold his flat, dropped out of the city and was living off the capital, earning his crust through a combination of property-get-rich-quick schemes and offering his services as a counsellor. Hearsay: that might all be fifth hand.

But through the power of the internet I know exactly what he's doing at the Irish Institute of What The F*ck.

Hugh Hands volunteers two days of his time a week, counselling clients on a one-to-one basis and facilitating group psychotherapy and healing sessions. "I have regular clinical supervisions with the lead therapist or project director, and after each group there is a lengthy debriefing where we share information about what has surfaced and they check in with me around how I'm feeling around what has come up," he said.

Glad to see his still talking cr*p, then.

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