Friday, June 03, 2005

So, been busy. The client from hell can't forward my client email address to my email address, and wants me to use their flakey webmail for a project with like 1,000 emails. Because they have to be SOX (Sarbanes Oxley) compliant. I kid you not.

Watch HIGNFY tonight - I saw it recorded last night. Des Lynam in the chair; the regulars not themselves, maybe a little demob happy, and that bloke from Peepshow: David Mitchell? Fabulous: he's the new Paul Merton.

Went to the Jonathan Safran Foer booklaunch at the JCC. He's a smart, thoughtful guy, though there was a slight literary-superstar thang going down. He talked about his emptiness thing. I read a review that said his (less famous) wife has also written a novel about 9/11 and it's better. Vanessa Feltz was there, and she swanned right to her reserved seat on the front rown, brash blonde hair and all. We had protexia: M's boyfriend got us front row seats.

I'm rambling. I'm frazzled. I have too much to do. My neighbours do an awful lot of washing (the ceiling vibrates slightly, if all the stars align).

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