Wednesday, July 06, 2005

So today's olympic decision day and the run up to G8. Gee, there's a lot of stuff happening. Hearing the Today Programme describing Tony (Blair) as the "host" at Gleneagles, made me wonder whether he's the host at the party (check out the "affinity" heading).

Coupla weeks back, a friend did the Mind Gym training (short form: you cross their palm with quite heavy silver, and there's a 70/30 chance they'll pass you as one of their facilitators for their 90 minute workouts) and he told me their language was that you have to be the "host of the party." I've been going round for a few weeks now telling everyone I know - ironically at least - that I'm the host at the party, to see if I have a "fit" and how it "sits" with me.

I like the language, let's say.

And I like their marketing.

And branding.

And I'm guessing - having never met them - that the founders wear chinos and chambray shirts, brown suede lace-ups or brogues, have slightly floppy hair, probably are Oxbridge educated and have double-barrelled names, slightly floppy hair, and started their career on a graduate trainee scheme at a major branded goods manufacturer (Unilever, say).

All this I read from their easy sub-communication and the tone of their website. I could have got it wrong, of course.

But I'm still the host of the party.

I say.

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