Thursday, July 07, 2005

Yeah, I'm OK. Sorry I didn't update, just been a bit mindblown. All those I love and care about are OK, as far as I know, but frankly I love and care about the whole of humanity in some dastardly hippy way, and I know people have died.

About 9.30 my nieghbour knocked on my door and said "you probably heard about the explosions on the tube, but don't worry, my wife's ok." Then he neatly - bizarrely - seagued into how they're selling their flat and can I get the information to their purchaser about the freehold company. I was dazed and shut the door.

Immediately called my beloved, but no mobile lines at all. Checked online, BBC news crumbling, but saw it was at Liverpool St and Aldgate. My beloved goes through Liverpool Street at that time. Call again, no answer.

Call Z at work and she's OK, and call a couple of other people. Worry about D. He calls at 10am... was running late and couldn't get into town at all, came home. Called my family to let them know I'm OK.

Called a couple of clients in the city - all OK. I have a client at Aldgate, and I keep seeing their office on the news. No-one's picking up their phones, as they've all been evacuated.

Spent the day fielding calls/texts/emails (which I massively appreciate) from people all over the world/country. Watching the news. Getting my boiler fixed. Not really doing any work, as transfixed.

So, in a way this was a matter of time, I - like everyone - knew it would happen someday. Relieved I didn't have a 9am Aldgate meeting. Kinda scared now it has happened. Lost a day of work. Worried about humanity. Slightly tearful, but could just be the time of the month.

What I'd like to do is go to shul. Times like this make me appreciate what I have. Also, I have a much-postponed beauty appointment at 6pm, which I must make before my legs turn into something... I shouldn't probably discuss in public.

So, life goes on, I guess. We're all a little more scared now, but London's bigger and stronger than anything anyone can do to her.

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