Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Haddon Hall

What I did on holiday. Two glorious weeks in the Derbyshire dales - this picture is Haddon Hall, just outside of Bakewell. A truly unspoilt small-size Manor House, first built in the twelfth century, but with many later additions, making it something of a jigsaw puzzle, with fabulous embroideries and beautiful, peaceful, gardens. You can see the rest of my Haddon pictures here;I'm bizarrely proud of them, still using my camphone (Nokia something or other) so closeups are best. Lord Edward Manners, apparently, just got married there, but had the same problem as Charles and Camilla - didn't want to let the commomers have their weddings there, so had just a blessing at home. Local gossip: he recently acquired the Peacock at Rowsley, and is also in disupte with some local protestors about his quarrying the land.

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