Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I have been meaning to buy a shredder for some time. Spurred on by outrageous stories of identity theft and a desire to clear out my paperwork, it was on my must-buy list for a while. But then, I got shredder choice inertia: would it do CDs? stapes? small? large? I kept looking and couldn't find the perfect shredder: perhaps, some metaphor for my life.

Then, on Sunday, on impulse, I was passing a store, and saw a shredder that looked like it might do. I did my own version of comparison shopping (called my sister and asked her to check the price online before I purchased) and within moments, I was a member of the shrederati.

What is it? It's a Fellowes PS-62C High Security Cross Cut Underdesk Shredder.

The best thing? I feel cleansed. I shredded ten years of credit card bills (I know, why was I even keeping them), and in fact my new friend had to have a rest after that. I like the destruction. I like the nothingness. I like the quiet hum of the fellow in action. I like the meditative quality. Meditation? Shreditation.

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