Monday, September 12, 2005

I suspect British Gas is on some kind of job-creation scheme.

But before I get to that, do notice that they head their site "general - editorial". That's exciting. Why not head it "British Gas." Does what it says on the tin and all that...

So I'm on a direct debit tarrif, paying around £20 a month. A few months ago I realised I had a £70 credit, and rather efficiently - or so I thought - reduced my monthly direct debit to £5, as I figured that would cover the next two bills, as one was summer.

Job done.

But then I get a letter from British Gas telling me I had a credit of £70 and they were returning it to my bank account. The next day I got another letter from British Gas saying they had increased my direct debit payments to £20 a month.

So: two letters to me, lots of internal hassle, costs of colelcting direct debits, costs of refunding my £70. It all says "inefficient process and a waste of time."

No wonder energy costs so much. It's nothing to do with the gulf, obviously.

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