Monday, September 19, 2005

What I did recently:
  • Marc Salem (mentalist) at the Tricyle - I was the first person he invited to join him on stage
  • Eltham Palace - south London's finest Art Deco hangout (check out my photos)
  • London Open House - our chosen venue (Dollis Hill synagogue, now decommissioned Art Deco haven), but we went to the Stables Art Gallery, and saw Ken (our mayor) with the wife and kids. My observations: (1) his wife and kids are very young compared to him, (2) he is much thinner in real life, TV really does make you add 10lb (3) I always say I'm the only person in NW6 who's never seen him locally, and now I have.

    And tonight, Pride & Prejudice with S at the Tricycle.
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