Sunday, October 16, 2005

radical cleric?

radical cleric?
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So, here's a thing.

I have a friend who wanted to know more about the world of Jewish-style things, and I got him a copy of Radical Then, Radical Now, a theological treatise by Jonathan Sacks, currently the Chief Rabbi of the UK.

Aside: in typical variegated-Jewish fasion, he's not Chief Rabbi to all the Jews; he's Chief Rabbi of the United Synagogue, which is the largest, centre-rightist group, and, crucially, the one with the most money, so he gets a big office. Anyway, he's got a double first from Cambridge, and many older Jews like him because he's not "too-Jewish" like the former Chief Rabbi, with his mittel-European accent and long beard. Aside over.

So my friend has his current reading in his bag, and passing through Euston on Friday, gets stopped by the police as part of their standard (read: slightly scary) new anti-terrorist stop and search programme. The officer riffles through his bag, but when he gets to his reading matter, does something of a double take. Eyebrows are raised all round.

Then, of course, the officer says, "white British national?" as he ticks the correct box on his form, sending my buddy on his way. Gotta make up the numbers in this equal opportunity world.

Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase radical cleric.

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