Sunday, October 16, 2005

Sukkot (Tabernacles, kinda the Jewish harvest festival and then some) starts tomorrow (Monday night) and I have just built - with the help of my anonymous assistant - my first ever Sukka.

Well, it's more of a pop-up sukkah, from Sukkahmart in Golders Green. The Safari Sukkah, with portable schach (roofing though which you can see the stars, made from bamboo). I was toying with this one (which fits on my newly crafted garden stairs but only fits two rather intimate people) or a bigger one, which would necessitate negotiating the use of our shared lawn with my neighbours. I took the easy option: knocking on six doors to explain that I want to build a temporary both in the garden seemed like interesting work. That I may leave for another year.

So, my first ever Sukkah. I feel like a kid. Kinda a big kid who grew so much they fit the whole sukkah.

I held off getting Arba Minim (four kinds: palm fronds and other stuff you wave around in shul. No, really.). But Sarah just sent me this link to telshemesh, who are creating earth-based traditions in Judaism, this about Ushpizin (welcoming guests for sukkot). Like, I'm not 100% sure what earth-based traditions are, but if we should do them anytime, I guess it would be sukkot.

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