Thursday, October 20, 2005

Yep, you're right, I should explain Sukkot better: here's the wikipedia entry.

I will take a pic of my sukkah, I promise, but when you're squeezing a whole week into three days, stuff slips. And I'm chasing my tail trying to get my work done efficiently.

Here's a weird thing: I got on a 189 bus last week, and since 7/7 I try and make eye contact with drivers and say thank you, and when I looked at this driver he was all goth/Barbelithy: eyebrow piercing, little goattee, sardonic grin. And he had like goth gnomes on his Oystercard reader. No, really. We smiled at each other in a we-get-it way. I like it when people are individual.

When I got into town, I wanted to get off the bus at a non-stop which is against all bus driver rules, but usually, if I smile/show a bit of cleavage/whatever, they do. So I asked him to stop at some lights by John Lewis, and he said "who's a naughty girl?" which felt a little odd, but I smiled because I wanted to get off the bus, and well. You know. (Although had this happened in a workplace, it would have been way weirder).

So today, I get a bus back from town, and who's the driver? My, er, new buddy.

Coincidence factor: well, he drives the 189 bus route. Weird factor? 26%. World's-a-village factor? 78% at least.

Reason for posting this? No reason, it's a weblog.

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