Monday, October 03, 2005

You probably know it's Rosh Hashanah - Jewish New Year - tonight, and that's why I've been a little quiet. In the last week, I've:
  • made a dozen honey cakes
  • sought out pomegranates, figs, and other appropriate fruits for a shechiyanu
  • done to teshuva with a handful of people
  • called a number of old friends I've not been in touch with for a while to wish them l'shanah tova
  • cleaned my house
  • prepared tonight's meal for eight people
  • signed up for the shul's hospitality programme, so I have someone I don't really know coming as well
  • been out to play, too, obviously: dinner at friends, shul, Switch Triptych at the Soho Theatre (don't bother) and Pride and Prejudice (there was a woman in the row in front who was the only person in the universe who doesn't know the plot and was genuinely surprised by the turn of events)
  • dry cleaned my Yom Tov clothes

    OK, the last one's a lie. I'm at that stage in my life where I don't get a "new suit for Yom Tov". I have a lot of clothes, and if I bought more every Yom Tov it would get silly. But I did buy a new pair of Victorian-stylee lace-up boots which are almost identical to the ones I had when I was seventeen.

    And today, two clients have insisted on meetings. Like, great. It's the equivalent of Christmas Eve, and I need to be in shul at 6.15, and I won't get home till 4.

    I'll say hi, later. But in the meantime: I wish you all a sweet, happy, creative new year, and shana tova tikatevu v'tikatemu - may we be signed and sealed for a good year.
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