Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Dead Parrot

I wish to register a complaint. And to tell you NEVER to buy a Sony Vaio - for the second time in a year or so, my Vaio is resting. Stunned. Dead as a proverbial.... parrot.

I used it yesterday, and it was well, fine and dandy, and we were both happy. Get home last night, turn it on, dead-dead-dead. No power, nothing.

I did all the things I vaguely remember from last time - removing the battery, etc, and even totally powered it down all night, but it's still more than unwell. AKA dead.

Luckily/unluckily, Sony service was so beyond par last time that the Head of UK Customer Relations extended my warranty till January 2007. However, I think, due to a combination of inefficiency and a distributed service offering, it's possible they will keep my laptop till then, and I won't be able to do any work.

Like I'd planned to go into some friends' office this week - I' having a bit of a hard time concentrating - but I can't if I haven't got a laptop.


I have a spare laptop, but it's a 1999 ThinkPad running Windows98 and it won't read my USB keys, can't do the internet, and weighs the same as a small Scottish island.

I know shit happens (brief moment of victimhood, which will be over before it's even begun, I promise), but why does shit always happen to me?

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