Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Here's the deal...

If I can extricate myself from my current project (rapidly going increasingly pear-shaped - I have been up since 7am calling people in SE Asia, and the data the client has supplied is not up to much), then I have a plan.

I should just add that I'm not in telesales: I do strategic commercial research (among other things, as you know), but the timing's not right for this one.

And thanks to those who commented/emailed: much appreciated.

If I can close this down soon, and I have a couple of other things to wrap up before the tinsel season starts, I think I will just write.

I estimate there are 24 available days before January work seriously begins, and I think I could get close to wrapping up my book, which has been on the back burner for like a year.

So that might be a plan.

I am also considering - only considering, mind - getting a very small pool of readers (people I don't know) to give me their view on the finalish thang. Any thoughts?

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