Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I think I may be in technical melt down...

So I hired a laptop while my Vaio goes on a not-so-well earned vacation to Brussels. Except my hire machine came with the wrong power cable.

Then, something weird happened to Adobe Acrobat reader. A client sent me a contract via fax, and I use a fax to mail service so I always have copies and don't need a fax machine.

But Acrobat is weird, so I think I'll uninstall and reinstall, so I had loads of Acrobat stuff, removed it all in add/remove programmes, but now can't remove 6.0.2, and can't load 7.0.5 - both just hang my machine. I have googled, but all I can find is other people with the same problem, so it's a pooling of ignorance.

Do you think if I just delete the programme files I'll leave other trails of Acrobat which will upset other things?

I think it will. I have tried renaming the Adobe folders, but it won't let me ,and when I change the attributes from Read-Only, it won't remember it.

Also, I borrowed a digital camera from a friend, to take some photos of my parents seventies furniture that I'm supposed to be doing something with, and to a very strict deadline. But it's a Sony with a weird Sony Memory Stick that only works with a Sony machine. Which is now abroad.

Any ideas?

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