Monday, November 21, 2005

nighttime milk

nighttime milk
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I am slightly perturbed by the idea of Night Time Milk. I snapped this in my local Tesco.

Unpack the copy. It's "specially selected." Isn't all milk in these heavily EU regulated times? And "contains natural melatonin" which means, probably, that all milk contains melatonin naturally, but now they're just highlighting it. And anyway, isn't melatonin slightly contentious, and it's FDA or whatever approved in the US, but the UK is not so sure? You certainly can't get it OTC.

Feels to me like marketing taken to the ultimate, wallet-defying extreme. I mean, now we have to have two milks? One for nighttime and one for day time? Or maybe there's breafast milk, and elevenses milk and tea time milk, and they all come in a neat little branded package, or you get a discount for collecting the complete set.

Product diversification has gone too far. I am tired.

Remember cows?

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