Friday, November 25, 2005

So, even though I'm mostly a homeworker, and can theoretically watch as much TV as I like, I rarely do because (a) I have work to do and (b) most daytime TV is crap.

This morning, still feeling slightly cold-y, I tuned into the Jeremy Kyle Show. It's possible that I've never seen this show. I certainly think my life has not been enhanced by hearing Jeremy say things like "get a job mate, and buy some condoms."

Maybe the faux Lemsip (third of the price, in Tesco) had addled my brain, but I don't really get confessional TV shows. Tell me any good reason why you'd want to go on "national TV" (as Jeremy is fond of saying) and tell the nation your troubles. Largely inarticulately.

Seems to be that people don't have community so much anymore - church, extended family etc - but it's a basic human need, so they try and replicate it by being humiliated on "national TV" by someone more polished who thinks faster than they can.

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