Friday, November 11, 2005

Technical Update

So after a lot of tears and strong coffee, I know the answer. If you ever have the problem where Adobe is obstreperous, and you can't add/remove programme in Windows, and you can't rename the directory in Program Files, so you can't reinstall, and you can't repair 6.0.1 because it hangs... I know the answer (now, thanks to my expert technical advisor) - rename the Adobe directory in safe mode, and then reinstall 7.0.5.

Mental list of other tech things I must do:
  • Fix the Palm synchronise thing - it's synchronsing back the mists of time, for some reason, and it takes too long/hangs/never ends, and now my diary doesn't work
  • My Vaio is apparently back next week, with a new motherboard and wireless card, but I agreed that they wouldn't do a factory reset, because I couldn't face having to resintall XP and office, but it does mean that "they have advised me" that some things might not work/need new drivers, and I don't know what this means yet
  • I am having a nice time with my HP Tablet, though. Small pleasures...
  • My mail is currently in two places: my old colo (who I love, guys, obviously), and my newer commercial set up. I need to centralise it, get with the program(me), and work out how to use their webmail.
  • Buy a digital camera. And a Tivo-like thing. And a flat-screen TV. Well, a new TV: my old one doesn't have scart sockets or anything.
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