Thursday, November 03, 2005

You know me, always a little late to the party.

So I just discovered Ruth Gledhill's Religion Blog at the Times, and there's a fascinating post about her views on a story intially reported in Manchester's very own Jewish Telegraph (a newspaper whose headline once ran "Average Age in Heathlands (old age home) 73") (scroll down on the Times site to her entry for 21 October, permalinks shaky).

It's about a boy who wrote a poem effectively praising the Holocaust, that has been included in a collection to be used in schools. The editor states:

"This poem shows a good use of technical writing and he has written his poem from the perspective of Adolf Hitler. Key Stage 3 history requires people to show knowledge and understanding of events and places, to show historical interpretation and to explain the significance of events, people and places, all of which World War II and the Holocaust is part of. The poem clearly states, I am Adolf Hitler and is not a reflection of the child's view, the editor's or the publisher's. The poem recounts a historical fact, something which Young Writers and Foreward Press are not willing to censor.'

I'm slightly at a loss for what to say, and am disinclined to say "PC gone mad" because people always say that.

Let's just say that I'm a little worried about the world I live in. Today, anyway. Oh, and yesterday (Blunketgate II).

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