Wednesday, November 30, 2005

You know when you go to Costbux tall means small and grande means large? Or something like that?

Well, I think we live in an uber-world, where language has eyes bigger than. Maybe we're all getting fatter and bigger because words are getting bigger and largelicious, and soon, East Anglia Primary Care Trust won't give any of us the time of day.

All this brought on because when I just filled up with petrol (hello, S), I couldn't work out the difference between Premium Unleaded and Excellium Unleaded.

Turns out premium means normal (sorry, regular) and excellium means premium.

I say hello S because when I got back in the car and we discussed the linguistic absurdity, she said "I know what I'll be reading on your blog tomorrow," but I beat you to it. It's today. By 47 minutes.

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