Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I made a really big mistake.

Big. Really.

I bought something from Viking Direct, because it was cheap, and included free delivery. I think it was some paper reams, and possibly thermal binding binders. I'm a sucker for a free gift, and they gave me a free CD player which I don't know what to do with. In fact, I didn't need it. Clearly lots of people feel the same, because there's loads of them on eBay.

But now, I am caught in this terrible, passive-agressive, controlling relationship with them, which is entirely one-sided. The send me more direct mail than I could paper a room with. One week, half of my recycling box was stuff from them. They send me their catalogue every week. Really. Every week. And they print my name on the front, which I think in direct mail tests means I'm supposed to by 0.35% more from them.

They email me daily, and it's personalised. Dear Ms Frooz. They want me to buy more. They have exclusive offers for me. I don't need more. How can the offer be exclusive if you send it daily? They overuse the words "selected" "unique" and "special" so much that I feel I have been through a direct mail copy generator. They underline important words.

They give me a headache.

I have just called them, and it apparently takes eight weeks to make it all go away.

Start counting...

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