Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Is this extravagant?

I have a wonderful iPod mini (pink, of course) which is probably the best present I've ever received, and it accompanies me on most trips.

But I've just got back into going to the gym after nearly two years - ankle injury, don't ask - and I really want an iShuffle.
Is it extravagant? The cheapest I can find for the 1GB in the US is $110, which is about £65, but my bank is - bizarrely - offering them for £75 delivered.

I really don't believe in having too many belongings, and spend quite a lot of time eBaying my extraneous stuff. Less is truly more. But I have wanted one for some time. And I had a kinda... low key birthday. But then I just turned away a huge piece of work so have less money than I would ideally like. But I want one. Waddya reckon?

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