Wednesday, December 21, 2005

It's December 21st - where do you think I've been?

I've been to my first civil partnership ceremony (apparently, there were seven in Barnet today). Given that my friends had a Jewish commitment ceremony earlier in the year (and I've told them I've got their wedding on a repeat appointment in outlook every six months), it was slightly more low key, but fun, nevertheless.

They both wore their wedding dresses (improves the cost-per-wear maths), and interestingly, although the ceremony is not religious, and their registrar told them in the preparations that they couldn't have any bible readings, she did let them read from the book of Ruth. Go figure. Probably, the registrar didn't go to Sunday school.

A ceroc lesson, a great buffet where we all brought our best dish (it was better than any caterer, I tell you) and more dancing than I've done in a while. I even did the twist.

True party.

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