Wednesday, December 07, 2005

It's like buses: I haven't been to a supper quiz in as long as I can remember, then two in the space of a month.

S dragged me to a supper quiz in Hackney Town Hall on Sunday night, on the basis it was full of creative writer-types and I would have a fun time.

I think she mis-sold it (although she's a very good salesperson): it was filled with the same people as the last one, and generic (Jewish) supper quiz food - paper plates, poached salmon, potoato salad and pastries.

Our host was Alan Coren (he was wearing a lot of black, which made me wonder whether he had "body issues"), but the highpoint of the evening was his comment in response to an accusation of cheating (some lawyers had their Crackberries and mobiles out) - "I know you all want to check Wikpedia."

Part of me was impressed he knew about Wikis at all, although he is a media-babe of sorts, part of me was unimpressed he couldn't say it right.

Related: Wikipedia to become, well, less open source. Now, you have to register to write an article. Soon, there'll be job interviews and salaries and everything.

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