Thursday, December 22, 2005

More video-goodness from you (this time from YouTube). This one's in Yiddish, and sadly my yiddish isn't good enough to get the whole thing. Apparently there's a chanuka theme. ALthough it evades me.

If you didn't know better, judging by what's posted online, all jewish people can single in tune and dance extremely well. Yeah, right.

In other news, my interpid north London reporter J tells me the Chevra (remember them?) had to eject one their members because he took of his t-shirt in a gig in somewhere like Watford and it wasn't snius (modest).

I just watched it again. My yiddish is limited to punchlines to family jokes, 76 different words for an argument and short phrases. Learn, I must (sound like ET, realise I).

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