Friday, December 16, 2005

Saw Have I Got News For You being recorded last night (who knew there was a wikipedia entry?). Last of the series, slightly christmassy (they served us hot toddy while we waited in the cold, which was thoughtful).

We ended up sitting right near the stage, so we could see the autocue, and we could see the words JOAN. And we were thinking; Joan Rivers? Joan Bakewell? Joan Armatrading?

Turned out, the host was Joan Collins, and frankly, she's quite dense, can't read that accurately, and doesn't appear to have a sense of humour. Although she can call everyone daaahling and be luvvy-ish, which is what I suspect her career is based on. It took forever to record because she was really school-marmy about the whole thing, and dragged it out. Paul Merton looked like he wanted to leave, frankly.

Anyway, I'm sure it'll be good on TV, as there's bound to be 30 minutes of OK stuff. Other guests were Michael Winner (he's kinda like an embarassing Jewish relative who made a lot of money in dodgy property deals and is a little too flash) and some bloke who's got a deep voice. Was he the voice of Darth Vader? ANyway, Joan took a liking to him, and it all got quite sycophantic.

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