Thursday, December 08, 2005

So I want to print out my novel, but it's long, so I played with the formating, but then it went weird, with huge margins I hadn't asked for. I did the usual C+P to new document trick, but to no avail.

As it happens, I have a buddy who's a Micro$ft certified wotsit (among other things), so I emailed him, and we talked about VNC and SkyFex and then he invited me to a Microsoft Office Live Meeting (all this via email, of course).

So I went to the LiveMeeting, and showed him my stuff and then... the phone rang. He was - as they say in the support world - resorting to voice.

I have emailed him the document in the old-fashioned way, and he's taking a look. He promised not to read it - not because I had to extract a promise, but because he's not interested.

The wonder of modernity.

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