Friday, March 31, 2006

I have been a little quiet for the following reasons:
  • I am waist-deep in a great project, which is connecting all the dots of my varied interests.
  • my laptop died. Again. Can you believe? Anyway, it's gone off to a Brussels health farm (aka Sony repair centre) and the UPS pickup bloke and I had a deja vu moment when he came to collect it. It's twoish years old, it's a laptop. These things happen. They will fix it.
  • In the meantime, I have ordered a new laptop because (a) I need one and (b) it's my year end. I was all ready for a Toshiba Portege, and then, at the last moment, went Sony again. New Vaio winging its way to me as soon as their warehouse move is over.
  • I efficiently transferred my cash ISA to people who had a better rate. Nearly a month ago. Turns out they send a cheque, second class, with no signed receipt or security tracking. How twentieth century. The Abbey have no idea where my money is, and some bloke (Robert) in the Chairman's office had never even met the Chairman.
  • We had a freeholders meeting for my block, which has been re-arranged three times since Jan 4th, and two people didn't turn up, one because they "didn't know about the meeting" despite emailing confirmation of their attendance to my neighbour
  • I have written a list for my Pesach cleaning. It is long.

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