Tuesday, May 30, 2006

broken window

So I was just lying in bed, listening to the bird song, about 6am, slightly sleepless, when I heard this huge crash. I thought the chances of another explosion were slim, but I got the shock of my life. I gingerly crept round my house, wondering what it was, till I saw this huge hole in the spare room window, and glass all over the floor.

First thought was a brick, but then obviously random vandals/people who throw bricks through your window are unlikely to get up at 6am. Also, it's quite hard to get to the back of my house. You'd just have to be really keen, as well as an insomniac.

Slight panic, spontaneous crying, took photos for the insurance/because I can.

Looked around my spare room - there are no bricks/heavy objects, but there are a few feathers. Went downstairs, to the bottom of the window, no sign of anything.

So I feel: slightly shocked/scared/perturbed. Is there a dead/injured bird lurking in my spare room (I can't see one, but they are small). And also, a bird flew into my house once before, and how often does lightning/bird shit strike?

Too many slashes: word choice this time of the morning is tricky.

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