Thursday, May 04, 2006

It's only fair that I give you the Sony Vaio outcome...

So it turns out that the guy who sales thought was the technical guy is acutally the most senior customer service guy (WTF) and Tuesday he called me, and arranged collection of the not-working TX2. We talked about Sony giving me a small "gift" to apologise to me.

I was ready. "Oh, I said, that's an idea. How about a
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-N1, with a leather case and 1GB card, with a Sony 5GB Micro Vault Pro"; this is a collection of stuff retailing at just under £500. So that's £425 ex-VAT, and less say a 20% margin, a cost to Sony of maybe a little over £300.

Matt responded that the camera was fine, and after I explained there was little point in giving me gift if I then had to spend +/- £100 to use it, he thought it was "fair" and "reasonable." But the Microvault, he can't use stock consumption internally, so it wouldn't be possible. It's how their rules work. And anyway, the camera and accessories were "reasonable." I responded that I would, of course, be reasonably happy with the camera: what would make me really happy would be the Microvault. Could he go the extra mile, for £90+VAT? No, it turns out.

So, my camera arrived today, and I'm reasonably happy, which is better than I felt when I had two Sony laptops and neither of them worked. But I think I might just buy myself a Microvault.

Waddya think?

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