Wednesday, May 03, 2006

place mat

So I met up with A last night and we went to Hummus Bros on Wardour Street and spent about four hours eating humous (they spell it wrong, I tell you), drinking sage tea (new: fab) and having a right old girlie chat.

Humous feedback:
  • Nice place; cross between Pret a Manger, Wagamama, and Tel Aviv bus station
  • Branding story is very Pret: two hapless blokes just love hummus and had to bring it to the people
  • Humous OK, but could do with toasted pine nuts (they say they are, but they could be more) and za'atar
  • And they serve the garlic and lemon on the side, but we never got ours, so it's a little bland. But they say lots of office staff don't want garlic at lunchtime
  • Great aubergine with tahina
  • Extremely atttractive Israeli-style wait staff
  • All in all, if I worked at Picadilly Circus I'd be there like twice a week. Minimum. I mean, it was like coming home.

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