Monday, May 15, 2006


In just under 72 hours we:
  • visited Swaffham.
  • had a coffee in the Hoste Inn in Burnham Market (National Trust colours abound here, sign of expensive property, generally).
  • had fish and chips on the front at Hunstanton, while listening to the brass band, (and just before we went to the arcade).
  • had a great walk along the beach at Wells.
  • Visited the Desert Rats Memorial.
  • speeded past Sandringham.
  • visited Norfolk Lavender (and bought some Lavande Liqueur, because I like girly drinks, but D says it will taste like old ladies wee).
  • discovered that postmen in East Anglia use the same red rubber bands as in London, I got another three for my collection.
  • read books, papers, talked, slept, walked, relaxed (and largely avoided the football).
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