Wednesday, May 31, 2006

So I'm in a wireless hinterland (Yokneam, Israel) but at least they have broadband. I have travelled for twelve hours, and slept for five, so feel moderately refreshed.

Highlights of the trip (so far);
  • seeing all J's children who look almost exactly like she did at school
  • getting a photo of a chassid davening in Budapest
  • surfing free wireless at Budapest airport; checking my mail and paying a supplier online with digital banking, while sitting on the floor waiting for the plane to board
  • Ben Gurion airport is amazing - last time I was here, it was kinda like a makeshift third-world hut, a cross between a taxi station and the shuk. Now it's all round and cool Jerusalem stone (and, sadly, multiple Nokia logos. Apparently they connect people).
  • I've never been on a train in Israel; it may have been the crack of dawn, but I got a wonderful view going up the coast.

    So, something to eat, get dressed, and I'm (sadly) off to a funeral, to say goodbye to a very old (longstanding) friend. Baruch dayan ha'emet.
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