Thursday, June 22, 2006

Everyone makes mistakes.

I've been known to wear horizontal stripes (unflattering), I didn't liquidate my India position early enough in the recent market "correction", once I had one too many glasses of Pinot Grigio at a party, and said some rather truthful, but ultimately unkind things.

But my biggest mistake this week, is this. A friend was thinking of retraining as a copywriter, she wants to work from home, and she asked me to check out the Copydoctor (TM) online classes.

So I did. I was compelled by the copy, so much, I almost bought it, but then I remembered: I was a copywriter. Been there, done that. So it looked like a great course, but probably wouldn't give you the leads to agencies/brands who do the whole copy control shtick, but whatever.

So I downloaded his 18-minute video, and it was interesting. Ish. I went to roast some vegetables, and when I was back, he was still critiquing. But hey, whatever's your bag.

Luckily, I'd signed up with a most-used-for-span hotmail address. Which is good, because since last Thursday, I've had eleven follow-up emails from him. Eleven. Count 'em. If I didn't know that I'd entered the first stage of a sales cycle that doesn't end until either Michel Fortin gets my cash, or I jump out of a very tall building window, I'd think I'd got a new stalker.

Don't do it, kids.

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