Wednesday, June 07, 2006

LifeHack: losing your wallet efficiently

So, about every five years I lose my wallet. Not bad odds - last time I had it lifted by a charming old lady on the number 16 bus, in around 1999.

This time, somewhere between Tesco, my cousin's house and B's house, I lost it.

Time was, I'd be stressed, angry, create additional blood pressure angst; generally, be uncalm.

Since I life-hacked all my personal admin a few years ago, my life is just more organised. And about six months ago, I decided not to keep every single card I own in my wallet. So my wallet has my current account card, one credit card, and one charge card.

Another credit card (used largely for internet purchases) I leave by my desk, and I have a separate small wallet for my Tate and V&A memebership card, gym card, loyalty cards etc.

So, it's not so bad. When I realised this morning, I checked the three relevant accounts online, no activity. I even waited until I'd made my priority business calls, cancelled the three cards, and one of the replacements is even arriving by courier tomorrow. Whole thing, ten minutes (but then I do have "special friends" in two of the three places).

And I keep a small amount of cash at home, so I'm not cashless, and I've got my usually-internet-only credit card, as well as the cashline card for my business account (they are sending me a PIN super-speedy).

So, my advice:
  • don't leave all your cards in one place
  • leave one at home, for emergencies
  • have some cash at home
  • have a nice life
  • try not to lose your wallet
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