Monday, June 19, 2006

National Bike Week 2006 (17-25 June) started on Saturday.

Which is fortuitous, because I have spent a lot of time recently thinking about whether I am prepared to get back on my bike.

Backstory: I had a ladies' Raleigh bike as a teenager, and cycled locally, and may even have got 100% in my cycling proficiency.

Then I came to London, land of cars and tubes and never really did. About five or six years ago, I thought about it again - I have lots of green friends who cycle to work and are hard-core about their carbon footprint - and even went on a semi-cycling holiday in Derbyshire three or four years ago.

Thing is, I live in zone two and there are a lots of cars, and I'm scared of them. Also, you're a fool if you don't wear a helmet, but helmets (polystyrene type thing, I mean) and Jewish hair do not mix. I need to invent cycling headgear that aerates your hair as your cycle.

Three-ish years ago, I got my bike all fixed up, and was going to cylce to a friend's round the corner, and then I got on the Kilburn High Road and the cars were really close, and I got freaked out.

So my bike is in my shed. And also, it's a road bike, it's from before mountain bikes, so it's not cool. And I'm kinda unfit, and nervous. But I'm green and recycle. And hate parking, even if I'm good at it.

Who knows...

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