Tuesday, June 13, 2006

So while I'm still on the google front page for sony tx2 problem (and will probably remain so for as long as I keep self-referrentially linking myself in a pop-will-eat-itself way), I have another one.

Another problem, that is.

So there was a bit of a hoo-har between me and Adam, because on day 68 of my purchase transaction, it transpired my insurance documents (which I'd paid extra for), hadn't arrived. They managed to deliver them to the (previous) wrong address three times.

So I finally got them Friday, and then, guess what?

My wireless card started playing silly-buggers. Exact same problem, except that we already, as I'm sure you remember, retro-upgraded the wireless card so that, theoretically, the problem is fixed. Apparently. I can't face talking to first line technical support, feel a fool calling the third line tech guy. But my wireless is intermittent again, and I have a top of the range/limited edition laptop.

I am stuck. I am undone.

But not as much as I was by the fiasco of getting my insurance documents. A new character, Michelle, who I'd never heard of previously, emailed me to say that in recognition of additional hassle, they would send me something.

Our correspondence went something like this:

Dear Michelle,

Thank you for sending me the documents electronically.
I do not have an alternative address, so I am not able to supply one. And frankly, mailing documents to a verified postal address is not that difficuly. Given that I receive mounds of post daily, I suspect that there isn't a problem at my end.

You clearly were initially sending the documents to an incorrect address, replicating a problem that Sony had (twice) when I placed my order 71 days ago.



* * *

Dear Sasha,

Due to the "wrong address" issues that occurred on our side when trying to mail you the insurance documents, we have decided to compensate you by offering you a

80GB GigaVault!

As this item is rather valuable, I don't want to take any risk by sending it via a regular postal service and I therefore intend to have it shipped via DHL. Please kindly let me know if you agree with that proposal as it means that you will have to be present for collecting the parcel. An alternative, if you prefer, is to have it sent to your office, up to you to decide.

Kind Regards,

* * *

Dear Michelle,

Thank you for your email.

While I appreciate that you are offering me an 80GB Gigavault, I'm not sure it would be very useful to me; I already have two external hard drives (incidentally, both with larger hard drives). Having looked around the Sony site as well as the web, the 80GB Gigavault doesn't appear to be on sale anywhere in the UK, and I can't help wondering if this product is still commercially available.

Yet again, you have done what suits "you" (Sony), not what suits "me" (the customer). Throughout this whole ridiculous fiasco, your corporate needs have appeared to come before my customer needs. From the top of the range TX2 that I purchased, and from my continuing correspondence with Sony, it ought to be fairly straightforward to realise that I'm an early-adopter type, and offering me seemingly obsolete or discontinued stock items is, frankly, just a little insulting.

You may also be interested to know that, despite receiving lots of post today, including a recorded delivery item, your insurance documents have still not arrived. Please confirm that the electronic documents you sent me are sufficient, should I need to claim, and that there is now no requirement for me to receive the paper documents.

For your information, can I also make it clear for the umpteenth time in my 72 day purchase cycle, that I have neither an alternative address or an office, as I am self-employed. Sony has known this since March 29th.


No reply as yet. I think - I know - I have to stop. It doesn't really matter. But it would be nice if the goods worked.

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