Friday, June 30, 2006

Travis Perkins customer service message

So my shower broke, and I did a whole load of research about replacing it, and then I just thought life is too short to learn everything there is about shower technology just to make a decision. Sometimes, being a data-oriented perfectionist takes its toll.

So I went down to Travis Perkins in West Hampstead, where I originally bought my bathroom (although the bloke there feigned ignorance about the whole thing, because my receipt said Ealing, but that's only because I found a bloke on the phone in Ealing who would give me a 20% volume discount, and the guys in NW6 were not up for that).

I take my (dead) shower in, with photos of the wall, and we discuss it in great length. Of course I can't just replace it, they don't make it any more. And anyway, I have learned that you should never buy plastic shower pieces, because they break. And also, it's all down to who fits it.

Eventually, I order a chrome shower arm, and three-shower head. It comes to just under £100, which seems a lot for a shower, and he won't give me a discount, but I just cut my losses and buy it.

What made it all worthwhile, is this. He keys in my order, and on the last screen, he gets this message:

"He whose ranks are united in purpose will be victorious" Sun Tzu.
Queue at T counter, get the sales team to help out.

He tells me there is a bloke in head office who earns more than all of them, whose job it is to write these, and it changes every day.

This is my PhD thesis: Application of the Art of War to plumbing goods wholesaling in the early twentyfirst century.

It'll be a winner. Just need to get funding.

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