Wednesday, June 14, 2006

working lunch

Sometimes, especially in hot weather, I'm very happy that I work from home, mostly.

So when I hear that it's 32 degrees on the tube, coupled with the flexibility of the self-employed lifestyle, I feel pretty lucky. Of course, there are ups and downs, there are times when you have less and more work, and you have to be good at cashflow, but - mostly - it works for me.

Remember when you had a job and you had to wait in for the Gas Man or a delivery, and you took a day/afternoon off, and they didn't turn up, and then you'd have to do it again? You'd age about five years, and mostly not even get your boiler serviced?

Well, I'm mostly home, so it's lo-stress.

Yesterday, mini-heatwave, I had a light lunch on the terrace with my marketing strategy and competitor documents.

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