Thursday, June 29, 2006

Yesterday, I was on a train, and James Nesbitt kept walking up and down. Like, four times.

Now, I am the hugest Cold Feet fan there is; not only is it great writing, but it's set in Manchester (South, Didsbury).

And James - Jim - is the best and coolest. Although he is doing those stupid adverts. But they're funny. But he must be doing it for the money. But then people need to earn money...

So he was running up and down the train. Not buying anything, almost like he wanted people to notice him. One thing I noticed, he's thin. TV really does make you add ten pounds.

But I reckon there's nothing worse than being on a train, showing off, trying to stay low-key, but wearing a t-shirt that says "I may have low self-esteem, notice me", and then people come up to you and say "I love your work. Especially the phone ads".

Anyway, he didn't notice me, either.

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