Tuesday, June 13, 2006

You may wonder why I'm up so late.

Partly, because my body-clock's all to pot, as I've been working Asian/pan-Pacific hours, for a project, just completed. And it's hot, so it's hard to sleep.

Also, just got back from a fabulous evening with M&S (who at some point I will call S&M, I'm sure) with T&L and B - in Manna in Primrose Hill. Frankly, as a kinda-vegetarian, there's nothing quite like being in a restaurant where you can eat everything, and it's all fabulous (and better than you can make yourself).

Celebratory evening, as M&S are getting married, and I was part of the small-group who set them up, and, frankly, it's a very lovely warm-cuddly feeling. Sometimes you think life's about the nice house and the car and the job and the clothes (or the carbon footprint and the yoga and the hemp shirts; whatever's your eco-bag), but actually, life is about people, and relationships and looking out for your friends and family, and there's nothing so fabulous as knowing you played the tiniest part in someone else's destiny.

Conversation ranged from quotative like, northern dialects, that bloke at the Royal Free who started the MMR scare, the kindertransport, the Blair-Cameron continuum. We were loud, and excited, and feeling truly celebratory. A wonderful, warm evening, to be treasured.

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