Friday, August 11, 2006

Girlwithaonetrackmind has an interview in this morning's Guardian, where she gets to put her side of the story to Zoe Williams (no less). I know, tangentially, how silly this 15-seconds of celebrity obsession is: when I "revealed" last year that Pete Doherty used to work for me, my phone didn't stop ringing with red-top hacks trying to "buy" my story. Except I didn't have one. Guy used to deliver sandwiches for me, now he's an allegedly drug-addled/not drug addled angst-ridden musician. Story over.

There's a lot of blogs-to-books out there, and not all of them translate. The episodic nature of reading online is very different from the flow of a book. Like, sometimes, people say to me, "oh, I must sit down and read your whole blog," and I say, thats the worst thing you can do. Blogs are for dipping in and out of. Like, you just have one After Eight, not eat the whole box at one sitting. And blogging doesn't necessarily make a novelist: not every can do narrative, story structure, characterisation, decent dialogue. It's just a bit different doing a brain dump or a rant. It seems to me. But I'm pretty confident GWAOTM's book will do it all (I await my copy winging its way to me on Amazon's special offer 5 day delivery package), and I hope that at least the silly pulicity will sell her a lot of books.

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