Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Good Seed, Bad Seed

So, I'm a sucker for marketing, and I already use the Good Oil (hemp based) which is lovely on salad (in moderation. I mean, everything in moderation, right?) This, combined with my current wholefood/healthy eating kick, has taught me a lesson.

So yesterday, in Sainsbury's, I spied Good Seed. Sounds good. Hemp seeds. Nutritious. Tastes delicious, it says here...

I shell out my £2.99 or whatever, and then, when I get home, I think I'll try them, and I read the back of the packet, and they are 41.42% carbohydrates, of which 41% is sugar.

Now, I know this is a lot of sugar, because the Which Food Shopper's Guide tells me anything with more than 10% sugar is a lot. (And you should read what they have to say about breakfast cereal). But even if I didn't know that, jam is like 60% sugar.

40% sugar is a lot. So, hemp seeds good, but "unrefined raw cane sugar" (only other ingredient), not good. Sure, I could have read the label, but I fell for the marketing. I nearly bought some other hemp seeds that were not so funkily packaged. My mistake.

So really, they are Bad Seeds. Though, not in a Nick Cave way.

They do, however, taste fabulous. In an addictive, slightly compelling way. Like chocolate.

I will have to give them to someone. I can't really eat something that's 40% sugar. Unless I'm the honey monster.

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