Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I forgot to say, last night,that I'm back.

I have returned from Suffolk, and Limmudfest - camping for Jews, broadly, but lots of other fun things too.

Highlights - The Sway Machinery, Ghettoplotz, Leon Morris on biblical interpretations of the broken tablets, Leah Thorn's moving new work. Making new connections, renewing old ones. Discovering a talented writer in my writing workshop. Being in the country, although, I have to say that on the drive back into London I felt strangely at home once we started seeing graffiti in Gants Hill. Oh, and while I shouldn't blow my own trumpet, I had a lot of fun in my own Jewish Hair Workshop (I realise that jewishhair.com is empty, but something cool will happen to it someday soon, as soon as I've got my other projects out of the way. Promise).

I didn't think about the internet once, all weekend. And I kinda didn't bother with my mobile phone. I just hung out and walked, and went to the beach, and talked. There's a lot to be said for holidays.

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