Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I have a problem.

Sometimes, these things are embarassing. You know, hard to talk about.

Maybe I could get into a twelve step programme.

It is - kinda - an addiction. But then, everything seems to be an addiction, nowadays.

It's this: I like to accessorise. In itself, not so bad, but I think I like to over-accessorise. A friend came round recently and we were doing that girly thing of going through your buddy's wardrobe, and she pointed out to me that I have a lot of outfits.

And I do. I grew up on outfits. Making an outfit out of something was a highly prized skill. Knowing what to put with that.

But that matching thing, it's kinda a little passe. And like, for my house I definitely don't do matching. I pride myself on my boho-chic junk-shop look, and it feels... relaxing. Not too overdone.

But somehow, for clothes, I still have a little bit of that... that thing that makes women in the David Lloyd gym have a pink top that matches the stripe in the side of their trousers. The stripe that is continued in the jacket. C'mon, you've seen them. They have manicures.

And even though I hate that look and would really never do it, I understand it. I understand wanting it all to match and be perfect. To feel done.

But done is not very now.

I had coffee with B last night, and we were talking about what to wear to J's party next weekend. And she pointed out that, really, most people wear jeans. Maybe with a dressy top, or some cleavage (pronounced clu-varrrge, obviously), or even both. The days of having a dress, or an outfit, they're kinda gone. We are the permanently informal society. It's just like, if they're Diesel jeans you know someone dressed up.

Of course, for J's party there may be people from both sides of the fashion sense/fence. I don't know which side I'm on.

But I do have a lot of outfits.

Even if, I don't really wear them. But I think I might.

You can take the girl out of Cheadle, but you can't take Cheadle out of the girl. Or something.

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