Thursday, August 17, 2006

It is a well known fact that, just as when you cut open a tree to count its rings to determine its age, if you cut me open, you will determine that I am 73% humous.

Some time ago, B tried to persuade me that if you eat a lot of humous, you really ought to soak the beans and cook them yourself. They taste different, apparently. I won't say that my humous is famed throughout the land, but I do ocassionally get special requests (pot luck suppers etc), so I felt I didn't need to improve. And also, I have a disease - immediacy - which means I just can't say that in 12 hours time I would like to cook some beans for two hours. Also, it's bad for the planet, to cook things for that long, regularly.

But then I had an epiphany on the East End Road about three weeks ago; it really does taste different. Also, tinned beans sit around for... a year? More, maybe? In salty water, waiting for you to increase your sodium intake. Ocassional is fine, but the volume of chick peas I get through, I must be having a lot of extra salt.

So, I'm all kitted out now. I have a pressure cooker (B did the research, which is great, because sometimes I get research-inertia, and then just can't buy something. Like, I've been meaning to buy a PVR and a flat screen TV for six months, but every time I get close to making a decision, more data appears, and then the choice intertia sets in).

But now, I have perfected my recipe, and I have made two batches of the most orgasmic humous. Well, to me, anyway. The point about making your own is that you can fine-tune it to your own personal desires.

So I have revised my views. Better ingredients really taste better. And slow food is a lot better than fast food.

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