Tuesday, August 01, 2006

So, after the image posting frenzy this morning, I'd actually resolved not to blog, for a while. There's a lot going on, and I don't have that much space left in my head. Of course, I always say that my blog is water-cooler conversation. I don't, like, prepare it, it just falls straight from my head to the keyboard and it's there.

But still.

Anyway, all that's irrelevant, because I had the maddest conversation in Waitrose, which I just had to blog.

I'm usually a Tesco girly (longstanding family minhag, like toothpaste brand allegience), but I don't really like to drive there. Seems... wasteful. So often, I walk down to Kilburn and buy stuff in local shops, which is better.

But at lunchtime, I was coming back from the City, and decided to get off at Finchley Road and go to Waitrose. Stocked up on raspberries, was seeking millet.

- where will I find millet? (I ask a Waitrose employee)

- Millet? Ees yoghurt drink?

- No, it's a grain.

- Wait, I is asking someone

(new person)

- Millet ees cereal? (pointing to Ricicles and other sugar/salt laden pointless things)

- well, technically, but it's a grain.

- I weel ask someone else

- but you're the third person I've asked

But she got on the phone, and she said into the receiver "millet, millet" and then all the Waitrose people around her started saying "millet millet" and for a moment I thought they would all burst into song, like some kind of multiple-food-retailer musical.

She shook her head.

- No millet.

I'd figured. But hey, Waitrose is supposed to be for the chattering, slow-release-grain-eating classes. I mean, it is full of charmingly dressed women saying things like "now, Tarquin, you know that blueberries are a superfood, put the mars bar down."

Anyway, I will be back to Tescos to stock up on millet. But only when I'm making the journey anyway.

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