Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Because I am number four on google for that (seasonal) search where to buy arba minim london, let me tell you the answer (well, mine, anyhow, ymmv).

Arba minim (lulav and etrog, otherwise known as the four kinds) sukkot (temporary booths) and all manner of other tabernacular wares can be bought at the top of end the Golders Green Road (about ten minutes north of Golders Green tube). Even if you don't want to buy sukkot-ery, it's worth going for the experience. In the run up to yom tov it's a cross between a shuk, the bottom of the Edgware Road, Mea Sharim and a car boot sale. It's loud and pushy and celebratory and amazing. I recommend it to you all.

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